What makes us unique

This is what makes us so successful and why we design on average 31 Websites PER MONTH

No Monthly Fees

At HB Website Design Rustenburg we know how business is and how easily someone can forget to do a payment… So instead of suspending your website, we charge an annual fee and ensure clients never see a suspended banner on your site

Maintenance & Updates

Just as your PC and phone, does your website also need updates… Included in our annual fees are your hosting as well as maintenance and updates!

Custom Website Design

Every website design done by us for any client is according to their desire and unique to company colors as well as industry needs all included in your annual fee!

Domain & Emails

HB website design Rustenburg will register your domain, create and help you set-up your custom emails… all included in your annual fee!

About Us

Welcome to HB Website Design Rustenburg

At HB Website Design Rustenburg we offer professional website design to businesses from all sectors and successfully created more than 300 websites in 2015. Bill Gates said: "There will be two types of businesses... Those that are on the internet and those with no business at all" Is your business visible online? With a long list of satisfied clients, approved by Web Compare and a member of S.A web design, can we with confidence say that HB Web is the right choice to create a website for your business that is sophisticated, responsive, attractive and easy to use. First impressions are vital and that is why it is our mission to successfully convey your brand with a professional website design that stands out from your competition and attracts revenue.

Listed in the South African web design company directory

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